Vending Brown


Profine Vending Brown

Y21472B Mini diam. 88 mm; length 202 mm
Y21473B Small diam. 88 mm; length 258,5 mm
Y21474B Medium diam. 88 mm; length 373 mm
Y21475B Large diam. 88 mm; length 518,5 mm

PROFINE® Vending BROWN water filter cartridge gives you:

• prevention of precipitation of carbonates
• maintaining of pH as favourable as possible
• an extended capacity guarantee
• a final stage of bacteriostatic microfiltration
• an adjustable by-pass from 15% to 70%
• chlorine removal
• a food grade certificated resin for water treatment

All these features make PROFINE® Vending BROWN ideal for use in drink machines, coffee machines, combi-steamers.

IDEAL FOR COFFEE. Thanks to a multi-stage design in the exclusive formulation of the bed of specific ion exchangers, which guarantees the more extended functional autonomies; the cartridge PROFINE® Vending BROWN refines the water quality allowing you to have the best coffee flavour and an ideal coffee foam in colour and texture.

PROTECTION OF PLANTS. In addition PROFINE® Vending BROWN also gives protection to your machine technology maintaining pH as favourable as possible. It is equipped with an exclusive by-pass integrated in the cartridge head that allows you to adjust it directly at each replacement. It also eliminates bad tastes and odours.

STEM DESIGN. Thanks to the compact stem design, it is possible to connect the water circuit directly to the filter cartridge. Without the cartridge head the installation volume is reduced as 30% and any service action becomes easier.

USE. PROFINE® Vending BROWN takes part in a group of Profine® Vending products tested and designed to meet every demand in restaurant, catering and vending sectors. It’s ideal for use in drink machines, coffee machines, combi steamers. The cartridge must be used only with cold drinking water.

Working pressure Min. 2 – Max 6 bar (0.2 – 0.6 Mpa)
Temperature Min. 4 – Max 30° C (39 – 86 °F)

Capacity according to ion-exchange resin capacity at 10° dH**

position 3 637 991 1.557 2.265

**The capacity is higher than the reference one and may vary depending on conditions of use. The indicated capacities are calculated on the basis of the relationship between devices and applications in use. Due to external factors (eg variable water quality) data can vary from those indicated.



  1. laminated upper distributor to optimize the inlet flow
  2. bed of exchange resins of high efficiency ion to ensure maximum exchange capacity in reduced space
  3. bacteriostatic post-filtering step to eliminate odors and flavors and chlorine compounds and ensure action against bacterial growth
  4. by-pass integrated: the cartridge is equipped with a continuous setting by- pass


  • The cartridge must be installed in vertical position.
  • Installation must be done in compliance with local regulations in law.
  • Use only IN OUT CONNECTION 3/8”.

REPLACEMENT: change cartridge after 12 months or when capacity is reached.

(code 15 02 03 EWC).

PACKAGING: cardboard box 6 pieces
Mini L x W x H: 28.5 x 19 x 22.9 cm
Small L x W x H: 28 x 20 x 28 cm
Medium L x W x H: 28 x 20 x 39,5 cm
Large L x W x H: 28 x 20 x 54 cm