Profine® KIT


Using Profine Kit, everybody can have all refined water advantages at home.


Would you like to open your tap and know that the water you are drinking is the best that you could drink? Good an safe? Now this is easier. Drinking a reliable water with the all organoleptic characteristics that you prefer, at home, without going to the supermarket, is simple now. Last researches and technical experimentations have given life to a new product, easy to use, economical and efficient in results. We are speaking about new filtration kit, a minimal kit that enclose every water treatment system rudiment. How? With a cartridge of recent generation linked to an head and to a tap, filtration kit is the easier instrument to refine water, without installation difficulty. A trade request that is now realized by higher quality components, reduced to essential. The instrument easier for those who approach the philosophy of  refining home water. Made entirely in the company, with components selected from the best producers in the world, the kit not only is economical but also reaches  the top in terms of efficiency and of available “know-how”, thanks to the years of study that led to the realization of all made in Italy Profine® cartridges. Ideal for domestic use, the kit don’t require a special maintenance or care. Its maintenance consists only in replacing the exhausted filter because of  it is devoid of electric motor and pump (and therefore more silent).  When the blue led, present in the tap, turns off and red led appears, operation for changing the worn out cartridge with a new one costs you only a few minutes to insert Profine in a practical head. Like all water treatment applications, once bought, the kit is placed under the sink and the included tap is placed near the main water valve and connected to it for water flow. Nowadays, the kit is the first technology in “easy” size that meets the needs to contain prices of family consumption, for performances that give the certainty of always having constant healthy water at home, at zero km and less expensive, with a family saving that comes to an average of 300 euros per year. With Profine® cartridges the kit is the ultimate goal of a technology that thinks about welfare and convenience combined with the new frontiers of environmental respect and saving.