Modular cartridge heads

The innovative genius  has given birth to another new product: the modular cartridge head.

A compact design, completely made in Italy, completely Think: Water! It has been thought for all different types of use.

The head is designed with a special design that allows you to choose between three connection systems to have regulatory requirements or to obtain the desired flow rate through rapid and automatic joint.

It is available in three versions:

a) Series Head: it provides the input and the output from an opposite line and can be used as single stage or component to achieve treatments in series combining different types of cartridges to have more stages of filtration.*

b) Single Head: it provides for the input and the output from the same side and can be used as single stage or final component of a system combining different types of cartridges. It is designed to get more compact during installation.

c) Parallel Head: it provides the input and the output in line. It can be used as a single stage or final component of a parallel system combining the same type of cartridge in order to increase the autonomy or flow rate.*

d) R Head: it provides the input and the output in opposite line and can be used as single stage, matched exclusively to cartridges series R. The head has irreversible flow and is equipped with flow control and non-return valve in accordance with the regulations.*

The support bracket is designed to guarantee the maximum safety in hooking the cartridges during the operations of replacement and to give a solid, stable and without vibration system. It always allows a rotation of 180° of the head on the axis, thus offering a complete adaptability of the IN-OUT joints, left and right, according to the needs of the implant.

The brackets are made according to three basic patterns:

a) Mural,  90° Square: with a vertical lateral support, it is made to put it on a vertical wall and it is usable on any type of support (metal, wood, or brickwork).

b) Simple: devoid of any support, it can be used to put in on exiting supports and is reserved for the combining to other systems.

c) Metal: made of steel and specific for each application, it allows you to minimize space requirements and it provides a greater mobility of cartridge.

d) Duplex or Triplex: for special applications, specific brackets are available and they allow the placement of various heads.

*You can moisten the side by rotating the head 180°