What is the right water for you?

It seems impossible that as soon as a person – whether young or old, whether student, housewife or worker – knows that I deal with water treatment, the question remains always the same: what water should I drink?


It’s a strange feeling and quite embarrassing because from being an “assembler under the stairs”, as often the press and the public like to label us manufacturers of manual treatment,  I become a guru of water, a person towards which to pour the utmost confidence.
But the answer is very simple. Sophistry or analysis on the contribution saline in water are useless. Drink the water that you like, nothing so complex. But in the common culture has not yet passed the notion that people can choose to get out of their tap the water they prefer. A simple matter of taste.
It’s true that the technology often has the need to be understood before being accepted by the public that, in this case, consider real water treatment systems “machines sold by fraudsters.”
Can we, however, determine what happens when from the meter, the water after travelling for kilometres, inside pipes get up to home taps? Here many problems rise and they make the final consumers believe that their home water is not good or safe, so as to pour out their purchases on the bottles or pseudo treatment systems, for example the jugs with their cartridges, when the best solution is just a specific treatment.
Think:Water is a certified company, structured and above all professional, which analyses each step, each component and it is never satisfied with the knowledge attained, because it is always looking for what you can do more about an issue so vital. In short, we are talking about water, and it is not something so trivial, it is the basis of our body and of our own lives.
Now we would like this knowledge and professionalism of Think:Water came out of the simple world of production, and entered through the commercial and installers or employee of the maintenance because the message of refined water arrives in every home and to every person and not just only to those with which I speak about water.
Often, we thinkers and researchers of the water, we who immerse our sleeves in technology, we are qualified, by public opinion, as an “rag tag army” ready to sell everything to everyone and at all costs. But no, indeed not at all.
Today officials of  Uls and Nas debunk this thought. They participated in the study days organized by TIFQ, about this issue: the treatment of drinkable water. A story, this of drinkable water treatment, told entirely in the following pages, just to make it clear to everyone that the best water to drink can be the same from your tap. How? Find out it in the next pages …

Franco Carlotto, General Manager Think: Water