The easiest thing in the world?


Drinking home water is definitely the easiest thing in the world. Just open a tap, fill a glass and … Drink! Some people consider the plastic bottles more “comfortable”, but they aren’t. Firstly weigh and clutter . Then, have you ever tried to open a bottle or give a new bottle to a child, to someone who has little “force” or when you have wet hands? Well, maybe you could die of thirst waiting to achieve it, which is quite impossible without the aid of cloths, towels, scissors, nutcrackers and… who knows what other tricks. Drinking home water is also convenient, saves on expenditure and especially gasoline, because many people go to the supermarket by car, although close to home, only to buy bulky crates of water. Some people ask for getting them delivered at home by retailers and wholesalers that make you pay for something that you already have in your home, asking for a fee on the service. Is it worth? Buying water of poor quality when we already have on hand better water, healthier and more controlled, just as the one that flows and gushes from our taps.

This is the philosophy that we also have told at the “2013 Water Festival”, made by FederUtility (the federation which brings together the local utility companies operating in the Electricity, Gas and Water) in L’Aquila.

Together with Aqua Italia, we have promoted Water at zero kilometres, the one that comes out of tap. In fact, home water is cheaper and “green”. It’s known to all that PET plastic bottles have strong effects on the environment: 1 kg of PET (25 bottles of 1.5 l) consumes 2 kg of oil and 17.5 l of water and releases into the atmosphere:

– 40 g of hydrocarbons ,

-25 g of sulphur oxides,

– 20 g of nitrogen oxides ,

– 18 g of carbon monoxide ,

and 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide which causes the greenhouse effect .

Our project called “Pensa Acqua” (Think Water) has its aim: changing the habits of people and get them to drink home water.

So, what are you waiting for? Drink home water!