Zero – water perfection in your home
Design by Odoardo Fioravanti

Zero sees the birth of something extraordinary, something that will revolutionise your relationship with your tap water. Conceived in the belief that the accepted complexity of reverse osmosis systems was outdated, Zero is the culmination of a design process that prioritises you and your life at home.

You’ve never seen an osmosis system this small


The world under the sink is a maze of piping and products, where space is at a premium, and accessibility limited, so we set-out to create exceptional quality water from a system no larger than a briefcase. Innovative design allowed us to remove most of the bulky elements traditionally considered ‘critical’ for performance, things like the external water tank, and pumping control systems, leaving you with market-leading performance and space in your cupboard.


So elegant that you won’t want to hide it away


Since its launch to the industry, Zero has been lauded as a radical technical and design innovation in the world of water treatment. Designed by Odoardo Fioravanti, one of Italy’s leading industrial designers, Zero’s elegance will grace any home, eliminating the mess of pumps, tanks, piping and wiring that the only option until now.

Silently serving you…


Throwing away the ‘rule-book’ delivered a few other critical benefits. By doing away with the need for a pump we removed the need for electricity, significantly improving the safety of the installation. And because there is no pump, the only connections needed are to the water system, and the only noise you will hear is the running of the water when you open the tap.

Unmatched performance!

By changing the way we looked at water treatment, we saw that it no longer needed all the layers of complexity. The patented internal technology of Zero has allowed us triple the speed of water production while reducing the size, and the cost of the system. You get a beautifully designed addition to your home, one that delivers market-leading performance while saving you space, and money. We think that is radical innovation indeed. Watch the video >


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