Why should you to choose home water?


1. More control means more security. Home water is, in fact, subjected to more checks than the mineral one. For example in Italy the Legislative Decrees n.31/2001 and n.27/2002 provide two types of analytical control, physical-chemical and microbiological testing by the Manager of the Integrated Water Service, carried out in laboratories, and by the Companies.

2. You are becoming more conscious of water characteristics are guaranteed only within the law parameters up to the counter beyond which the decision passed to private citizen. The treatment improves, directly in your home, the characteristics of water itself.

3. Less PET to dispose of. In addition to transportation difficulties related to bottled water, choosing to drink water of your own home reflects a sustainable desire ready to protect environment by consuming less plastic and reducing distribution chain.

4. The relief of your wallet. Help environment and your expenses. The price of a litre of tap water can cost between 300 and 1,000 times less than buying the same litre of bottled water. (source: Aqua Italy)

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