Ocra and Violet for a good coffee!

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The story of espresso is a story that starts from the roasted and ground coffee bean that meets the water and turns into a moment of pause appreciated all over the world.

It is from the Italian tradition of good coffee that come also the care for water, whether hot water or steam. Depending on the different styles of preparation and consumption, working with water without limescale gives taste and practical benefits to all sector professionals.

As well as control of the raw material requires knowledge of the provenance of the best coffee beans and the various processes of mixing, you should not exclude from this culture of good coffee the quality of water too. In fact the use of water without unpleasant tastes or odours thus becomes a fundamental requirement for any barman.

Moreover, everyone knows that where water hardness is brought down, the machine works better and longer. Indeed, water is a living element that brings with it various substances met in its natural route. Calcium is one of these. Block it before it reaches pipes, boilers and steam nozzles of coffee machines means to lengthen life of the same by eliminating the risks associated with limestone deposits.

The Profine® filters dedicated to the world of coffee keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of water, ensuring water to do its best work to have a excellent coffee.