More mineral salts to water! Profine® designed Rock cartridge. A remineralizing media that give you the desired salinity in post reverse osmosis treatment. With this new entry Profine® wants to satisfy those who choose reverse osmosis technology for the safety it gives to water but does not want finest water. The certainty of a water free of pollutants with all mineral salts you need.

A Rock vibration that restores salinity

With Profine® Rock, water will have the right «vibration». Available in four sizes to meet all needs, it is the ideal reverse osmosis post treatment in the domestic and industrial sectors, coffee machines and beverage preparation.

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This is Zero: home reverse osmosis innovation.

zero_profineZero is a radical innovation in the world of water treatment from both a technological and a design point of view. It’s the first time the design of these products has taken a more human approach. In a world where reverse osmosis devices are designed like computer cases, Zero changes the rules.

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Zero is designed by Odoardo Fioravanti and Made in Italy!


In a world where water treatment devices are designed like computer cases, Zero changes the rules. The high level of design doesn’t compromise the technology behind the product: despite the absence of the pump and even with a compact design, Zero triples the supply speed.

To learn more read ZERO.