It’s born the water conceived for you

Water is the first necessity of life. Hotels, Restaurants and Catering must ensure the quality of Water to excel in their service. Water to drink, used for food, used to wash or power plants: all this water needs to be treated and guaranteed to the final consumer.

The brand Profine has rethought this vital element, and today gives the “best” Water, through multiple solutions. We have high quality drinking water, filtered and treated as needed, chilled and sparkling as you like.

You also must choose the right concentration of salts for a good coffee: for your machines HoReCa, the line of cartridges Profine guarantees organoleptic characteristics, eliminating the maintenance associated to scaling. For different types of dishwashers and glass washers, assure decrease in consumption of detergent, we respect the environment, we increase the quality of washing, removing the source substances that cause annoying stains on your dishes.

Care for the Water in a Hotel, Restaurant or Catering is a guarantee of high quality and exclusive service. Do not give up, arise Water conceived for you!