Profine® Kit



Kit Profine® Gold allows you to obtain up to 15,500 liters of home water good and safe. The system has been tested and certified according to the household, ensuring the absolute safety that your family needs.
Drinking from the tap seems something unsafe. Instead we can safely drink the water of the tap making it good and safe thanks to the Profine® Gold kit. By installing the kit for drinking water Profine® Gold kit you can be sure that the water of your tap is always perfect every day of the year combined with cartridges Profine® Gold Small to get 10,000 liters of filtered water and Medium to 15,500 liters.  The cartridges are cheap and need only be changed once a year * When the LED turns red tap. Moreover their use eliminates thousands and thousands of plastic bottles that are transported every day on our streets!
(*you should replace the cartridge to the achievement of 10,000 liters for the Small or to 15,500 Medium or 1 time per year).

With technologies Profine®, maximum security!

Profine® Gold Kit was designed and tested simulating its use by a family. The system was subjected to four months of intensive testing that could reproduce even the holiday periods from one day to one month.. The filtered water was subjected to the test through multiple chemical, physical and microbiological analysis.

Profine® Gold Kit worked flawlessly, so much so that he has been granted the prestigious certification Italian Institute for Hygienic Quality of Food Technology (Tifq).

It is with pride that we list the results of the analysis carried out in the TIFQ laboratories:

– the filter absorbs 90% of the chlorine in the water,

– No bacteria was found, even after periods during which the filter has not worked for the holidays,

– After breaks of 30 and 60 days, it has not detected the presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa,

– The cartridge has been able to treat 10,000 liters, continuing his performance.


Profine® Gold technology removes bad odours and off-tastes, reduces chlorine, and has a filter rating of 0,1 micron. A cartridge with the highest level of filtration that includes and maximizes the advantages of the carbon block system additive with silver that together with an ultrafiltration step that is able to block the 99,9999% passage of bacteria and virus.

The Profine® Gold cartridge is the flagship of the range.

In fact, with the technology of the cartridge Profine® Gold, contained in it, not only you will have a water without taste and undesirable odors but also the safety of a system that removes more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses thanks to ultra-filtration.

CAUTION: This appliance requires regular maintenance to ensure the requirements of potability of the treated drinking water and the maintenance of the improvements as stated by the manufacturer; use according to the user manual.

Make a sustainable choice.

Below the LABEL OF WATER with the Profine® Gold Kit


Conductivity μS/cm 276 – 368 276 – 355
pH 8.10 – 8.25 8.16 – 8.57
Hardness °F 13,9 – 19,0 11,5 – 16.3
Chlorine att. mg/l 2,0 0.12 – 0.21
Alluminium mg/l 0.0013– 0.013 0.0013– 0.0047
Ammonium mg/l 0.00 0.00
Iron mg/l 0.15 – 0.166 0.0106 – 0.16
Solphate mg/l 29.72 – 32.01 23.09 – 36.11
Colonies 22-37°C no abnormal changes after 60 days of inactivity no abnormal changes after 60 days of inactivity
Batt. Colif. 37°C 0 UFC/250 ml dopo 60 giorni di inutilizzo 0 UFC/250 ml dopo 60 giorni di inutilizzo
Pseudom. Aerug. 0 UFC/250 ml after 60 days of inactivity 0 UFC/250 ml after 60 days of inactivity

Chemical, physical and microbial analysis performed by TIFQ Lab