Long life to good and filtered water!

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Our laboratories confirm: Large Profine® Silver cartridges filter up to 45.000liters (12.000 USgal) of water. The same safe water as the one of three pools put together with a single cartridge. Laboratory tests have established that all the positive characteristics of water filtered by Profine® Large Silver, including the bacteriological safety and the absence of unpleasant tastes or odors in water, you have a single cartridge to 45.000 liters (12,000 US gallons). Profine® Silver are born to microfilter water (0.5 micron) and ensure maximum safety for those who drink it or use it for food and catering. A so high performance makes the Profine® Silver cartridges the flagship of the entire range Profine® and between different water filtration products on the market.

What use has Profine® Silver?

Profine Silver Large

Profine® Silver eliminates smells, tastes and reduces unwanted chlorine. The cartridge is disposable type made with the technology of carbon block with added silver that gives the bacteriostatic action.

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How to use a Profine® cartridge?

Head Profine by think:water

The connection with the tap or with a system that drip drinks is possible through the Profine® Heads. A dynamic, compact design that allows various water routes depending on your needs.

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How do you replace a cartridge Profine®?

Come sostituire una cartuccia Profine

All Profine®cartridges have a quick attack that allow easy coupling to the head. For more information instructions are available after each cartridge and in the video. To see the video CLICK HERE.