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We support the Water Festival 2013

2 October 2013  -

During the 2013 edition Profine participated with the project “Pensa Acqua”, a new initiative to raise awareness of all citizens to drink their own water at home. Tuesday, 8 October at 18:45

Ocra e Violet per un buon caffè

Ocra and Violet for a good coffee!

1 October 2013  -

(हिंदी) एस्प्रेसों की कहानी एक ऐसी कहानी है जो भुनी हुई और जमीन काॅफी की फलियों से शुरू होती है जिनको पानी मिला और पूरे विश्व में सराहना का पल बन गया।

How to change water cartridge (tutorial)

30 September 2013  -

(Français) Les cartouches Profine® sont la solution de traitement de l’eau la plus économique et efficace sur le marché. En fonction de leur couleur, les cartouches Profine® permettent un traitement de l’eau adapté à son utilisation.

Acqua filtrata da bere Profine


11 July 2013  -

And it is a continuous and silent movement, the one of the Italian families who have analyzed its water and tried to find a simple and economic way to protect yourself, for a total of 1,585 families involved directly or indirectly from 2011 until today.

Profine® KIT

18 June 2013  -

Using Profine Kit, everybody can have all refined water advantages at home.

Water always good!


With the cartridge Profine Small Silver you can get safe and tasteful water at home.