Profine® Gac Line

PROFINE® GAC refines the water’s qualities exalting taste of drinks that will be free from organics, pesticides, odours and unpleasant tastes.


Dechlorination, clarification and microfiltration

BIG PROFINE® GACis part of a wide range of Profine® products tested and designed to
meet all needs. It is ideal in professional use where large quantities of rened water are necessary. The cartridge must only be fed with cold water. Thanks to the multi-stage concept in the exclusive formulation of the granular carbon, the Profine® BIG Gac cartridge refines the qualities of water allowing to enhance the flavour of drinks that will be free of organic, pesticides, unpleasant smells and tastes.The cartridge must be mounted in a vertical position. Use 3/8 “female connections with flat gasket.


The process of activating the water filters consists of an initial start-up phase called Conditioning. Conditioning is an initial filter rinsing process required to ensure ideal operating conditions for the filter. This initial rinse guarantees the complete cleansing of all the inner filtering devices and the circuit itself. Conditioning should only be carried out during the first cartridge activation. This operation may take from a few seconds to several minutes. We also recommend doing it when the filter has been idle for long periods. You can find the indications for how many litres to use for the correct conditioning in the product technical data sheets.


BIG 2.0 BIG 3.0 BIG 4.5 BIG 6.0
Flow rate 2 l/min * 3 l/min * 4,5 l/min * 6 l/min *
Capacity 80.000 l * 90.000 l * 135.000 l * 180.000 l *
Working pressure Min. 2 – Max. 6 Bar Min. 2 – Max. 6 Bar Min. 2 – Max. 6 Bar Min. 2 – Max. 6 Bar
Temperature Min. 4 Max. 30°C
Min. 4 Max. 30°C
Min. 4 Max. 30°C
Min. 4 Max. 30°C
Autonomy calculated on a water with a carbonate hardness of 10 ° KD
* Based on internal manufacturer tests


BIG 2.0 BIG 3.0 BIG 4.5 BIG 6.0
DIAMETER 135 mm 135 mm 173 mm 173 mm
HEIGHT 308 mm 385 mm 395 mm 464 mm
We recommend replacing the cartridge at the end of its nominal range, or if the output flow ate is
too slow. It’s better that you replace the cartridge within 365 days of its installation. Before removing
the cartridge, close the upstream water inlet and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the
downstream tap. To activate the cartridge correctly, open the inlet valve and supply water for at least
five minutes before drinking it.