A mum using kit for refined water


In our family we had drunk bottled sparkling water for years. Because I thought bottled water was safer than tap water. Recently, trashing numerous plastic bottles, I realized that all this garbage was a wastefulness.

My husband, that is more reluctant than me about what big water companies write on bottle labels, one day came back home with a Profine filtration kit. But there was a problem: convincing our children to drink water from the tap.

So he told them we would have a new “drinking fountain” in the kitchen and he would need their help to install it. After an afternoon spent working with their dad, they were so enthusiastic that they couldn’t wait to drink their breakfast tea made with “new” water from the “drinking fountain”.

Now we drink only our water, and we don’t buy bottled one. The difference is very remarkable. Our water is more tasteful, without chlorine odour and it’s safer. Moreover we save our money and we haven’t so many plastic bottles to pick up and trash.

The children are happy about drinking from “their fountain” and having a water pitcher on the table is more pleasant than having a creaking plastic bottle.