9 specific products

Nine Profine® for nine different water treatments.
Profine®, always a solution

Profine cartridgeAfter many years spent of study, research and development, our team created, designed and produced Profine® filtering cartridges. In a trade that is rapidly advancing and  requiring increasingly competitive and safer products, where users know their own requirements and demand specific solutions and prices; Profine® technologies provide the answer to these needs.

RED pretreatment in water treatment system
BLUE dechlorination and purification of drinking water
SILVER antibacterial, dechlorination and purification of drinking water
GOLD  drinking water ultrafiltration
ARSENIC cartridge for the removal of arsenic
NITRATES removal of nitrates in drinking water
OCRA  reduces total hardness
VIOLET reduces temporary hardness
YELLOW total demineralization

Profine® gamma has been studied to give an answer to all types of drinkable water treatment request. The range is composed by various cartridge models, available in four sizes and matching each others with different media of filtration.


Special design of cartridges is based on a model with rapid bayonet fitting that combines different cartridges with different length and allows a periodic substitution that could be done by unqualified staff and without tool aid that makes it particularly easy, rapid and safe, following instructions and rotating the cartridges for a quarter turn. You can choose between four sizes depending on your requests: Mini, Small, Medium andLarge

External diameter: 87.4 mm
Mini cartridge high: 216.5 mm
Small cartridge high: 269 mm
Medium cartridge high: 384 mm
Large cartridge high: 529 mm

Table of applicability of Profine® cartridges

Type Turbidity Chlorine THM Total hardness Temporary hardness Salinity CL Bacteriostatic CL Ultrafiltration Arsenic Nitrates Drinking use

You must use these cartridges only for the treatment of water declared drinkable in origin, the application in water of questionable potability or potentially contaminated microbiologically, without adequate disinfection pre-treatment before or after the system, is strictly forbidden.